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    9 Things Your Clothing Tags Are Dying To Tell You

    Serious observations follow.

    1. / Via

    I just know my ex-boyfriend owns this shirt.

    2. / Via

    Do not feed after midnight. You will Hulk the fuck out.

    3. / Via

    The smaller you are my dear, the more bodies I can pack in next to you in the basement.

    4. / Via

    Can anyone tell us what year this picture is from? My money's on the Bush years. Mostly because it's a shirt sold in France.

    5. / Via

    We'll forgive only if you show us those adorable test pictures.

    6. / Via

    Healthy, yes, but also syrupy and disgusting.

    7. / Via

    Pretty sure this is the Terry Richardson of clothing tags.

    8. / Via

    Ew. This tag we'd have no regrets about mercilessly cutting out.

    9. / Via

    Also: keep away from fire especially when wearing. The more you know.

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