6 Minimalist Posters Of Women Who Changed The World

OMG Hydrogen you made my girly, nerdy heart explode!

1. Marie Curie

Ever heard of radioactivity? Or the elements polonium and radium? Well Marie Curie has, which is why she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the only woman to win in two fields, and the only person to win in multiple sciences (Physics and Chemistry).

2. Rachel Carson

The marine biologist and conservationist became famous after writing Silent Spring, which, after revealing the horrors of chemical pesticides, launched the environmental movement in America.

3. Sally Ride

First American woman in space! Also some guy named Lou Reed wrote a song about her. No. Big. Deal.

4. Grace Hopper

Ever heard of debugging a computer? Grace Hopper, one of the world’s pioneer computer programmers, is who you should thank for that.

5. Rosalind Franklin

You might know her as the x-ray crystallographer whose helped decode the molecular structures of DNA. The humane genome anyone?

6. Jane Goodall

The world’s foremost expert in chimpanzees, and the world’s foremost expert in melting our hearts. Watch one interview and tell me you’re not a little bit in love.

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