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    Posted on Sep 26, 2012

    6 Countries You Should Consider Conquering

    If you want to be Supreme Ruler of the World

    1. Brittania

    This collection of small kingdoms on these small islands might not seem that valuable, but we've never seen such sophisticated metalworks anywhere else. Whoever gets there first will have a war machine like no other at their disposal.

    2. China

    We hear this guy Wen is trying to unify China, best to conquer quickly before outrageous trade regulations get slapped on opium and silk.

    3. Persia

    They've invented a power source unlike any we've seen - something called a battery? He who controls this power will surely control the world.

    4. Bulgaria

    The newly formed empire controls the gateway between the western and eastern worlds - conquering the passage to Constantinople is a must for any expanding empire.

    5. Egypt

    Why would you want to conquer a country filled with inhospitable endless desert? Alexandria and it's library is rumored to hold the greatest collection of knowledge in the world, despite the repeated razing.

    6. The Holy Roman Empire

    He who controls the seat of Christianity controls the spiritual, cultural, and physical center of the world.

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