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5 Reasons Why Microsoft's Zune Could Give Apple A Run For Its Money

Better watch out iPod.

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3. Bonus FM tuner

We're all tech lovers, but sometimes theres nothing wrong with a little old school radio. With the Zune, you'll have the best of both worlds. And, because of the built in wi-fi, you can download that songs that you fall in love with on FM.

4. All You Can Eat Monthly Subscription Option

The Zune Marketplace has a $15 monthly subscription option where you can lease as many songs, albums, and artists as you want to be downloaded on your Zune. Essentially you're buying 12 $15 albums a year for all the music you ever wanted. If you're a voracious album buyer, the subscription is probably a significantly cheaper option with no sacrifice of quality, quantity, or content.

5. Xbox 360 Integration

Because the Zune and the Xbox 360 are kissing cousins, you can use the same Live account as you do on your gaming system, which means the ability to share Marketplace points between the two devices, and additionally stream your music wirelessly through your Xbox 360.


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