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    48 Of The Derpiest Faces Robert Downey Jr. Has Ever Made

    In honor of his 48th birthday, let's take a closer look at why we love him. Hint: It's his face.

    1. His "I LIKE PRANCING" look.

    2. RDJ's "I can do sports" face.

    3. His "I am the light at the end of the tunnel" face.

    4. His "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" look.

    5. His "you're not even mad that you can see through my sequin shirt" face.

    6. His "ignore my heels and focus on my Iron Ass" face.

    7. His "I've never loved anything more than I love this jacket" face.

    8. The "bitches be crazy" face.

    9. His "I am the leaf, I am the tree, I am Mother Earth" expression.

    10. His "this is a nutritious breakfast" face.

    11. His "I wanted the last chocolate croissant" face.

    12. His "I am a hippie but I will fight you" face.

    13. The "that dude behind me is totally naked" laugh.

    14. His "hats, bro, hats" expression.

    15. RDJ's "Adrien Brody is attached to my face" face.

    16. His "are you there JARVIS, it's me, Tony" face.

    17. His "my hair is so long it tickles" expression.

    18. His "I sit at the popular kids' table" look.

    19. The "I am Lady Macbeth" look.

    20. The "young money."

    21. The "I'll never forgive myself for this middle part" look.

    22. His "don't lie, I am the cutest effing thing you've ever seen" face.

    23. His "meet my best friend" face.

    24. The "young professional."

    25. The "this tie is an optical illusion" face.

    26. The "creep."

    27. His "we are minuscule parts of a greater universe" expression.

    28. His "I AM IRON MAN HEAR ME ROAR" face.

    29. The "I know you can't help falling in love with me, but please try" look.

    30. His "I get more ass in a trashy wig and furry bra than you ever will in your life" expression.


    32. The "this face is so cute, I would make it at myself" face.

    33. The "GUYS LOOK IT'S ME" face.

    34. His "Val Kilmer smells amazing" look.

    35. His "clearly I am the coolest Avenger" face.

    36. The "Tarzan."

    37. The "here is my tongue, you're welcome" expression.

    38. His "EFF YOU APPLE" face.

    39. His "I am having a party in my pants" face.

    40. His "I'm too drunk to be clothed and in a pool" face.

    41. His "I should have been in a boy band" expression.

    42. His "do I finally look like Edward James Olmos?" look.

    43. His "I HATE popcorn" face.

    44. His "suspenders are sexy right?" face.


    46. The "I might be dying, but also it might just be high school" face.

    47. The "David Blaine."

    48. And finally, the most important face of all, RDJ's "the things I would do to you" face.