21 Things You’ll Never Get To See On TV If The World Ends

Leonardo DiCaprio actually winning an Oscar.

1. Leo DiCaprio winning an Oscar.

2. If Little Asskicker survives.

3. THIS GOLDEN GLOBES!!! The only one we’ve ever actually wanted to watch.

4. The 4th (and possibly final) season of Community.

My eternal creys.

6. The Kardashian baby you actually want to see.

No she’s not actually pregnant - YET.

7. The sexual awakening of Tina Belcher.

Bob’s Burgers is actually the best show.

8. The new tortured depths of Claire Dane’s cry face in the next season of Homeland.

9. A fat Justin Bieber.

It’s inevitable guys. Reverse Jonah Hill-ing.

10. Girl Meets World.

We desperately need to know if Shawn Hunter is still single.

11. The formal inauguration edition of the Chris Christie fleece.

13. The exciting conclusion of Xtina’s Hairstory.

Spoilers: We see her real hair. She’s a brunette.

15. The election of the first female president of the United States.

16. Kissing cousins (getting married).

Arrested Development returns in the spring!

17. The fresh crop of Olympic butts we’re counting down to in 2016.

2012 olympic butts here.

18. This beautiful idiot’s next big fashion choice.

I’m betting on batwing sweaters when New Girl returns.

19. What will undoubtedly be the greatest halftime show of all time.

Oh, also, the Superbowl.

20. David Gregory’s season of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Gregory’s got rhythm.

21. Another episode of “Antique Roadshow”.

If you tell yourself you can live without this, you’re lying.

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