21 People Who Deserve Medals

    So. Full. Of. Win.

    1. This King in the South.

    2. This evil overlord of the corporate retreat.

    3. Albert, future tumblr famous BNF.

    4. Bruce Wayne, Class of 2014.

    5. This intense academic.

    6. Not!Sam Winchester.

    7. The Monty Python fandom.

    8. This person who taking gratuitous advantage of "If you see something, say something."

    9. The artist who drew this beautiful portrait of Matt Smith.

    10. These remixers of Taylor Swift.

    11. This family that Vaders together (stays together).

    12. Whoever showed Gollum how to dance like no one's watching.

    13. The creator of the actual saddest snowflake in the world.

    14. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who has his priorities straight.

    15. Whoever knew deep down on the inside that e.e. cummings was spouting an ode to dinosaurs.

    16. This chorebuster.

    17. The person who FINALLY made Platform 9 3/4 easily accessible.

    18. Superman.

    19. The person who decided Star Trek needs moar bunny ears.

    20. This pet owner who DIY-ed their own Bowser.

    21. Jon Snow for his knowledge of windmills.

    22. The inventor of the emergency bow tie.