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    17 Facts About Women That Are 100% True

    This ish is too real.

    1. There is a pocket universe in every purse.

    2. Purses have pocket universe because pants don't have pockets.

    3. This is the beauty ideal all women aspire too.

    4. Every single one of us is in a girl gang.


    6. Stubble is love, stubble is life.

    7. This the only exercise women need.

    8. No really, ban all other exercise.

    9. Women have healthy appetites.

    10. For every sentence we speak we get asked at least three questions.

    11. We do not get along with bricks, ban bricks.

    12. All women read Cosmo.

    13. We like emojis.

    14. Everyone thinks boobs are great. Everyone.

    15. All that the light touches is our dominion.

    16. Flight or fight is scientifically proven to activate when an m'lady is uttered.

    17. We all become our mothers.