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    15 Things Solange Does Better Than Beyoncé

    Sorry, Bey.

    1. Fierce moves that fans can actually dance along to.

    2. Rock an Afro.

    3. And a shaved head.

    4. Clone an army.

    5. Lean (with friends!)

    6. Throw concerts where you can both see and hear her without having sell your firstborn.

    Even if you're in the 'nosebleed' seats.

    7. Angst in a bathroom.

    8. Sing lullabies.

    ...on "Yo Gabba Gabba"!

    9. Send subliminal Illuminati messages.

    10. Lead a bike gang.

    11. Rock epic fucking pantsuits.

    12. And shun regular pants.

    13. Warhol-ing.

    14. Stun Rihanna.

    15. And finally, embody Tom Hanks.