15 People That Have Been Living Under A Rock

    "Just read Harry Potter. I can't believe they wrote 7 terrible books after such good movies. And I think the author got lazy cuz there are 8 movies and only 7 books."

    1. Anderson.

    2. This person who is about to be EXTERMINATED.

    3. This person who can't figure out why his Nintendo Live Gold account won't activate.

    4. This person who's never heard of David Tennant.

    5. Whoever at Pez that decided that the Avengers needed another brooding rich boy with cool toys.

    6. ............

    7. This guy who thinks that Steve Jobs owns Microsoft.

    8. C-3PO's manufacturer.

    9. This couple who should have just taken a creepshot to show to their friends.

    10. The greatest Marvel fanboy.

    11. This Hufflepuff.

    12. This person who knows you don't need resources to rule an empire.

    13. This person who thinks Batman is so aptly named because of his radioactive spider bite.

    14. These people who are convinced that Zelda is a boy's name.

    15. This person who has never seen an iPod before.