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    16 Times Hillary Clinton & Paris Geller Were The Same Person

    "We’re better than this, you and me. We’re the children of Emma Goldman and Hillary Clinton. Strong, independent. We’re better than this."

    16. They don't stand for sexist inquires

    15. They don't always understand youth culture

    14. They encourage women to speak up

    13. They both went to Yale

    12. They get frustrated when others aren't on their level

    11. They have made a few enemies along the way

    10. They are masters of fashion... as long as it is functional

    9. They have been judged on how they say things instead of what they are saying

    8. They never stop working

    7. They have had to fight the same obstacles during their campaigns

    6. Though they haven't always been the most progressive, they have come around

    5. They are advocates for the environment

    4. They are glass ceiling shattering leaders

    3. They might be a tad too focused on winning

    2. And they may be a little impatient

    1. But that is because they have great plans

    Then again, Paris may just be Hillary's Luther