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9 Ways To Give Depression The Middle Finger

Happiness can be hard to come by, and as a species we have a tendency to essentially get in our own ways and sabotage our own happiness. If you are one of these people, then sit back and enjoy these 9 ways to help you improve your happiness!

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1. Learn to accept your past

Because we compare the past vs. the possible, we believe mistakes in the past will affect our options in the future. Use coping methods to get over your past and start your journey to happiness

2. Create your own future

We create “what if’s” in our head that hold us back from reaching our future goals and creating happiness, due to events in our past. It is time to let go of the past and start your process to achieving future happiness

3. Put yourself and your health first

Put yourself and your needs first. You need to make sure you are eating properly and healthily . Exercise is important because it releases endorphins. And lastly you need rest and relaxation. Learn to say no to others and yes to yourself.

4. Improve your self discipline

With self discipline, you have to wire your brain to know limits. Every day, you need to make yourself do things that you don't want to do, and stop yourself from doing things that you want to do, but shouldn't.

5. Make goals that are tangible and measurable

By taking a few notes on yourself, such as your mental and physical well being, and revisiting these notes a few weeks or months later, you provide evidence for the value of your goals. In order for this to work you need to be honest and unbiased about yourself

6. Look at your life through a new lense

You do not necessarily have to change your life, just change the way you look at it. Things you never would’ve noticed can start to make you happy if you change your perspective.

7. You have to create your own flow

The environment was not created with human happiness in mind, so to achieve flow you have to change your environment to support flow , and the stuff you can’t change, you have to change your mindset about.

8. Find your flow by setting clear goals, concentrating, and creating a sense of control

There are 8 ways to find your flow; Clarity of goals, high levels of concentration, having balance between skills and challenge, having the feeling of control, effortlessness and flexibility, an altered perception of time, unity of action and consciousness, and the autotelic quality of flow-experiences

9. Finding your flow through discomfort

Comfort does not equal happiness. Finding your flow requires discomfort, growth, and change. You won’t find your flow sitting in front of the TV. Flow is actively created. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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