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5 Ways To Attack Bad Attachment

Attachment can be a scary but beautiful thing if it is executed in a healthy way. The issue is so many people have childhood attachment issues that they can’t seem to get over, and that affects how they are in adult relationships. Here are a few ways you can fix your attachment issues and find out why they occur

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1. Your parents screwed your attachment

The way you were raised with your relationships between your parents, creates the way you view love and is why you get attached the way you do. Anxious attachment, avoidant/ independence attachment, disorganized attachment are styles that influence the way you behave in your romantic relationships and how you find a romantic partner.

2. Get a clue and realize your parents wrong-doing

In your childhood you rely on the assurance of safety from parental figures to explore and learn. When a child is frightened by something they seek safety and a soothing disposition from their parent. If these requirements are not met as they grow, people might become clingy or needy, looking to fill that gap inside.

3. Stop being crazy and fix your ways

Knowing your attachment style is important, we tend to recreate unhealthy relationship patterns from our childhood to our adulthood relationship. Knowing your style, the pros and the cons, is important so you know how to change it for the better. Its challenging, but possible.

4. Understand your issues to change your ways

There are many ways including creating a coherent narrative in order to understand what messed you up in the past and so you can evolve in the present, psychotherapy, or lastly by entering a relationship with someone who has a healthier attachment than the person with the bad attachment.

5. Earned security attachment may be the answer for you

To create an earned security adult attachment style, you need to reconcile your childhood experiences, and make sense of the impact that they have had on you thus far. You also need to explore the impact it has had on unconscious decisions you have made.

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