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5 Tips On How To Break Your Sh!tty Addiction

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your computer for hours playing that online poker game? Or maybe your addiction goes a bit deeper than that, and your friends are starting to notice. Listed below are 5 tips on how to help you steer clear of your sh!tty addiction.

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1. Rewards work best

Rewire your brain through systematic desensitization to feel a different way towards being addicted. Once you have experienced a positive change allow yourself to be rewarded through operant-conditioning , which is the changing of behavior by use of reinforcement.

2. Responding to Situations Using Operant Conditioning

Through operant conditioning, people and animals change their behavior through rewards and punishments. Whether it be receiving a prize if you got an A on a test or being threatened by your parents if you don’t get good grades, both will result in you studying more.

3. Have replacements/goals

Figure out a replacement habit that has the same reward without the downside of your bad habit. Tell some of your friends to hold you accountable, you will be more likely to stick to that goal.

4. Reinforce with Variable and Fixed Patterns

When using fixed patterns, note that these occur at the same rate everyday, while variable patterns can vary. You can set the rates of variable to occur, on average, at the same frequency, leading to a similar result.

5. Use Time or Response Based Reinforcement

With time based, you get the reward when you perform the desired behavior. With response based, you get the reward every time the behavior is executed correctly.

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