8 Thoughts Everyone Has Studying Abroad

“Oh you think you’re cool with your giant backpack?”

1. This is food? I rather eat vomit.

Via gph.is

2. Have these people heard of deodorant?

Via gph.is

3. No wifi? Is this a joke? I might as well dunk my head in toilet. How can I post all my facebook photos to show everyone how great my travel life is? No one will know how awesome my life is!

Via gph.is

4. Oh you think you’re cool with your giant backpack? Having 50 pounds sitting on your shoulders looks real fun. Have fun with that eternal back and shoulder pain for the rest of your life. I’ll be over here, you know, rollin it.

5. Is now a good time to call my parents and tell them I ran out of money?

6. I am so awesome my friends are going to love to hear all my super awesome stories.

7. Water costs more than wine? Welp, see ya tomorrow!

8. I can’t wait to take my new dances moves back to the U.S.

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