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    17 Reasons Why "The Simple Life" Will Never Not Be Funny

    Ummm because they're iconic!

    1. They proved the world wrong time and time again.

    2. They gave the best advice.

    3. And they didn't let anything stop them.

    4. They taught us how NOT to do customer service.

    5. And again... they gave the BEST advice.

    6. They made people aware of the big issues.

    7. They loved to help each other.

    8. They were very articulate.

    9. They were friends with Kim Kardashian before the fame.

    10. They were the original "Hustlers".

    11. They respected the law (after they broke it, of course).

    12. They made their own rules.

    13. They were actually really freaking funny.

    14. They educated us.

    15. They were total BFF goalz.

    16. And absolute fashion icons.

    17. But most importantly, they supported each other through it all, and we love them for it!