8 Ways You’re Totally Still Sexist

Sexist and don’t even know it? Read this, or I’ll bitch slap you.

1. Watch your language.

Basically you never want to be a vagina and you always, always want to be a penis and balls. Got it.
He got bitch slapped.
Stop bitching at me.
That person has balls.
Don’t be a pussy.
Just grow a pair.

2. Always prefer clean shaven?

Next time you’re inflicting days of razor burn just to prepare for the bruh you met on Tinder, ask yourself, who am I doing this for?

3. Women get in for free at the clubs.

imperialbedrooms / Via hercampus.com

Menfolk, headed to Vegas?
Better round up some chattel er, uh, girls to bring to the club if you want to get in.

4. Our obsession with pageants.

hugrunbesta via Tumblr / Via Giphy.com

Parading baby girls (and adults) around for people to judge.
You might not be able to look away. But I can’t even.

5. Girl on girl porn.

Lesbian footage on porn websites is still listed under straight sex, but excluded from the category for gay sex. Well, that makes sense.

6. Buy gender-specific gifts for kids?

Karen Cole Twitter / Via telegraph.co.uk

Looking for a gift for someone under the age of 10?

Maybe instead of superheroes for boys and Disney princesses for girls, you could look at something other than their body parts.

7. Just, chivalry.

blvdsandbackroads / Via Tumblr

Guys buy girls drinks,
open their doors,
pick up the check,
and carry their bags.

What are we, invalids?

8. Feminists fighting feminists.

We point fingers at one another for not being the “right” kind of feminist.
Too extreme?
Too much makeup?
Too traditional to call themselves feminists?

Oh, I’m sorry, who made you Queen of the Feminists?

What have we learned?

reddit / Via collegemagazine.com

You can be the most feministy feminist in the world, but even you are probably still a little bit sexist.

In honor of National Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, do us girls a favor and for once, just say scrotum-slapped.

upworthy / Via mommyish.com

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