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10 Reasons To Wish Jared A Happy Birthday

He's invited you to play golf, told you the latest app to download and even made you a delicious dinner, so now it's time to show your appreciation for your friend, Jared. And just in case you needed 10 more reasons why, here it is....

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3. He knows how to have a good time

KK / Via Facebook

His UCLA frat days may be long gone, but that doesn't stop Jared from throwing back a few. Becoming a dad didn't slow down this boy one bit!


4. He's a nerd and proud of it

Sophie Katzman / Via Facebook

While many think Jared invented the Internet, he has proven he's an early adopter. I mean who else could make Google Glass look so cool?!

9. He's more San Francisco than Rice-a-Roni

KK / Via iPhone

Having lived in SF for more than a decade, Jared loves the Bay Area and all it has to offer. (Talk about a morning commute!)

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