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How Literature Makes The World A Better Place -K²

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I LOVE to read. I developed my passion for a reading at a young age when my sister would come home from school gushing about all the things she learned from reading. She would tell me thousands of stories and I was mesmerized as to how she could discover so much from just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. This caused me to be really excited to start school and learn how to read for myself. From the outside a book may be just a bunch of papers, but as soon as you start reading, you can be transported into a whole new world. Literature has taught me many morals and expanded my thinking. Literature can provide an escape from your own life. There is nothing like indulging yourself in a good read if you're stressed about something and need to take your mind off things. Literature has made my world and THE world a better place.

1. The Chocolate War

The thought provoking novel, The Chocolate War, written by Robert Cormier has easily become one of my favourite novels. The novel surrounds the repercussions of student, Jerry Renault's, decision to stand up for what he believes in. The book made me realize the world will not always be fair. Just because you do the right thing does not mean justice will prevail. Jerry refuses to participate in his school's annual chocolate sale. This is an event that is conducted by a manipulative teacher, Brother Leon, who is using the sale to redeem the unauthorized money he utilized to buy excessive amounts of chocolates in the first place. He also uses the help from The Vigils to sell the chocolates, a committee of students who organize gruesome tricks and maintain control over the entire school by installing fear. Out of all the students who never objected the crude ways of Brother Leon or The Vigils, FRESHMAN Jerry Renault finds the courage to do so. As a result of his brave actions, Jerry only faces brutal consequences. I extremely admire Jerry for sticking to his morals knowing the backlash he'd encounter from Brother Leon and the student body. Some kinds of failure are better than others. Jerry's actions made me aware that even when it seems as if the world is against me, it is important I stay true to myself and defend what I believe is ethical. It does not matter if I am smaller, younger or even shorter, The Chocolate War has made me realize I should speak up and voice my opinion no matter the outcome. It is much better to fail knowing you have at least tried instead of dreaming of what could have been.

2. The Color Purple

Prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, written by Alice Walker is a brilliant novel. The book is entirely constructed of diary entries to God from the perspective of a fourteen year old girl named Celie. The novel takes place in the 1930s outlining the hardships faced by black women, such as Celie, during this time period. This novel made me realize how grateful I am for everything I have. Celie at the mere age of fourteen is forcibly married off to a man that is much older and has kids of his own. She is verbally, physically and sexually abused throughout the novel making me aware of the harsh reality that black woman faced. They experienced such torture so frequently just because of the colour of their skin. It is revolting how people had the heart to treat others so poorly, making it seem as if one's life is more superior to another just because their skin tone is lighter. Furthermore, Celie is restricted to expressing her personality and her sexuality. She is led to believe that her life isn’t worth much and it makes me extremely sorrow. I am thankful for those who built up the courage to gain equality for all races. Without these brave people I would not be able to do many of the things I do today. Celie is taken out of school and is revoked of her privileges to learn. I could not imagine being stripped away from my right to get an education solely because of the colour of my skin. This book is a reminder to me and those who forget, that we are lucky for the lives we live.

Above is Celie (Greyish-blue dress) and Shug Avery (Rose gold night gown). Celie has romantic feelings toward Shug, although Shug is Celie's husband's lover. Shug gives Celie the courage to stand up for herself and establish her identity.

3. First Day Jitters

First Day Jitters written by Julie Danneberg is easily one of my favourite picture books. It is an eventful story involving a girl named Sarah being extremely anxious to start the first day of school at her new school. Readers of course assume she is a student, but at the end of the novel you discover she is a teacher! When I was younger I always assumed that adults can not get nervous and that they were invincible. I thought because they were older, they must never experience fear, almost resembling a superhero. This story taught me that adults get apprehensive just like children and that is okay. The book was an entertaining way of making me realize my parents probably get scared of things just like me and they could relate to how I felt. This book also made me realize adults were humans too. I enjoyed how the author did not state Sarah was a teacher in the beginning of the story. The surprise is what caused the story to snatch a spot in my heart!

Sarah is not getting out of bed, complaining that she hates the new school although she hasn't been there yet. As a child, it was relieving to know my teacher was probably just as nervous to meet his/her students as I was to meet them.

4. Sonnet 18

"Sonnet 18" is an immaculate poem written by William Shakespeare. He describes the beauty of his lover comparing her to a summer’s day; or rather how better she is than a summer’s day. Through poetry, Shakespeare shares a description of her eternal beauty to us. The great thing about literature is it lives on forever. I think it’s beautiful that even when you are no more, your essence can live on from what you write. Her beauty is everlasting through Shakespeare’s verses. Furthermore, Shakespeare vividly conveys his feelings through words that it allows me to understand how much he admired this woman. Literature provides you with the opportunity to express your emotions freely and share them with others as well. This poem made me look forward to falling in love and to one day be this passionate about someone. It also inspires me to write some form of literature one day so my feelings can be passed down.

More Books!

Honourable mentions are:

Looking For Alaska by John Green is a spectacular novel. It follows the story of Miles Halter who makes effort to escape his bland lifestyle by going to boarding school trying to find the deeper meaning of life. There he meets Alaska; a wild, free spirited daring girl who turns Miles' whole life upside down and around. I adore this book because each characters personality is well thought out and each have a quirk that makes the novel very interesting. The climax of the novel has quite the plot twist and its mystery was addictive. Definitely a novel I would recommend all to read.

Several other favourites include City of Bones (Mortal Instruments Series) by Cassandra Clare, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, all which have stimulating plots grasping a spot in my top ten.


Literature has truly made my world a better place. Without the works I've read I would have missed out many life lessons and wonderful stories. Literature has also helped me establish who I am as a person and it really is like TV in your head! Lives without books and poems is a life wasted. I have learned so much from all that I have read these past years and I look forward to even more reading in the future years to come.

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How Literature Makes The World A Better Place -K²

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