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    NYC Bars With Board Games!

    Who doesn't want to get drunk and play board games??

    1. Common Ground

    Not only does this place have board games but it also has a pretty sweet happy hour, trivia night, open mic night, unlimited lunch on the weekend AND comfy couches!

    Located: 206 Ave A, New York, NY

    2. Zombie Hut

    Zombie Hut also has a sweet little patio area in the back.

    Located: 273 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY

    3. Camp

    S'mores, board games, and a Wii bowling tournaments on Tuesdays. What more could you want??

    Located: 179 Smith St (between Warren St & Wyckoff St), Brooklyn, NY

    4. Dive 75

    FREE CANDY. That is all.

    Located: 101 W 75th St (between Columbus Ave & Amsterdam Ave), New York

    5. Commonwealth

    Guns N' Roses pinball? I'll take it!

    Located: 497 5th Ave (between 11th St & 12th St), Brooklyn

    6. The Sackett

    Located: 661 Sackett St (between 4th Ave & 5th Ave), Brooklyn

    7. Barcade


    Located: 388 Union Ave, Brooklyn

    8. Ace Bar

    Skeeball, pinball, board games, darts, pool, and big buck hunter. There's no reason to ever leave this place.

    Located: 531 E 5th St (between Avenue B & Avenue A), New York

    9. Jake's Dilemma

    A sweet spot to play beer pong and foosball.

    Located: 430 Amsterdam Ave (between 80th St & 81st St) New York

    10. Union Hall

    If all else fails, you can go play Bocce Ball at Union Hall.

    Located: 702 Union St (between 4th Ave & 5th Ave), Brooklyn

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