Everything You Felt When You Found Out Sandra Oh Was Leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”

Why is this happening to us??

1. So, you were hanging out enjoying your day

2. When someone tweeted about SANDRA OH LEAVING GREY’S

3. At first you’re like

because Christina Yang is the greatest character ever created. Ever. Period.

4. But you start to get skeptical and begin to wonder if it’s true

5. So you do the only rational thing there is to do—HEAD TO THE INTERWEBS!

6. And after 34573487520 searches, you submit to the truth

8. You begin to look back on all the good times you’ve had with Christina

so many.

9. Like all the pep talks

14. and the sassy competition

16. and most importantly, all the dance parties

22. and you soon realize that you love her so much, you have to let her go

23. But no matter what…

25. But seriously…

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