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    • kjonyou

      That’s funny I knew what the response letter was going to sound like before I read it. Straight out of corporate PR doge the actual issue. The letter dose not address the problem of gays in Russia. If you don’t think rich and powerful people don’t have influence in their country like they do in ours you are naive. If you put a squeeze on this guy or guys, they will pass a squeeze onto thier friends in the government. Boycotts do work. Look what happened to the Papa John’s Pizza sales drop after the CEO went on an anti Obama care rant. His sales are still way below his competitors. Look how long Coors begged to be come back into gay bars and clubs and that was nothing compared to whats going on now. Absolute Vodka is not Russian, so we still have gay vodka friends, neither is Grey Goose, Kettle One and so on. We have plenty of choices beside cheap Russian vodka. Its a small choice that could make a big impact. How hard would it be to choose a different brand. For those who say why vodka? Its their national product! It is a billion dollar industry. Really the only Russian product most people in the US buy.  I will never suffer like my gay brothers and sister in Russia but I will support them all the way. America is a huge country and we buy a lot of vodka. Trust me, if we stopped altogether, they would feel it. Not just a boycott on a brand, its a boycott on an industry.  I support this ban and I am sure my straight friends will too. 

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