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    10 Awesome KitchenAid Tattoos

    Some kitchen appliances are more popular than others. One of those is off course the KitchenAid stand mixer. Here is a collection of 10 KitchenAid tattoos that are quite amazing! (Source)

    “Jasons Mixer” KitchenAid Tattoo av Bennet Edwards

    Red KitchenAid with Roses

    Bake or Die – Pink KitchenAid Tattoo

    KitchenAid Pinup Tattoo - Scott Spencer

    Chef Tattoo - Louis Molloy

    Blue KitchenAid Tattoo - Mark VanNess

    Green With Oven Mittens

    She's Crafty

    KitchenAid Mixer Tattoo - Kristin Young

    Retro Bakery