Do You Live In A Dog Or Cat State?

Does your home state have a higher percentage of dog owners or cat owners? And how does it stack up to the rest of the nation? We crunched the data from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s “U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook (2012)” to answer these questions.

Illustrated here is the difference between the percentage of households that own dogs and the percentage that own cats. Orange colors indicate a higher percentage of dog owners while blue colors indicate a higher percentage of cat owners.

Note that Alaska and Hawaii were not included in the AVMA’s survey.

Top Dog-Loving-Cat-Haters

These states have the largest positive difference between dog ownership percentage and cat ownership percentage.

1. 1. Louisiana

Only 26% of households own cats while 48% own dogs. Louisiana’s loves dogs so much that it has a state dog, the Catahoula, which is believed to be the first dog breed developed in North America.

2. 2. Alabama

44% of Alabama households own dogs while 27% own cats.

3. 3. Mississippi

45% of Mississippi households have dogs but only 29% have cats. While this image has no direct connection to Mississippi, it’s pretty awesome.

4. 4. Texas

43% of Texan households have dogs and 28% have cats. The adorable picture above is from the annual “Mighty Texas Dog Walk,” an annual event for 15 years and counting.

5. 5. Arizona

44% of Arizona households have a dog while 30% have a cat. Above, an agility corgi named Shelby competes in Arizona.

6. Top Cat-Loving-Dog-Haters

These states have the largest negative difference between dog ownership percentage and cat ownership percentage.

7. 1. Maine

46% of Maine households have cats and 35% have dogs. The Maine Coon is not only the state cat, but also the winner of the first cat show in the United States, May 8, 1895

8. 2. Vermont

50% of Vermont households have a cat and 38% have a dog. Here’s a picture of a Vermonter holding a cat.

9. 3. Massachusetts

34% cat owning households, 24% dog owning. The tabby, pictured above, is the state cat.

10. 4. New Hampshire

34% cat owning households, 30% dog owning. No surprise that the University of New Hampshire mascot is the Wildcat. Dunkin, an up and coming Twitter-cat, is also a resident of New Hampshire.

11. 5. Connecticut

32% cat owning households and 28% dog owning. These flying felines are hard at work as therapy kittens in a Connecticut hospital.

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