A Dream Cast Of Your Favorite Disney Characters

Imagine it: a Disney movie with all of our favourite characters played by our favourite actresses and actors. Please someone make this happen.

1. Ariel=Alexis Bledel

2. Belle=Emma Watson

3. Jasmine=Vanessa Hudgens

4. Esmeralda=Jessica Szohr

5. Megara=Mila Kunis

6. Pocahontas=Naya Rivera

7. Rapunzel=Amanda Seyfried

8. Alice=Abigail Breslin

9. Aurora=Dianna Agron

10. Wendy=Elle Fanning

11. Prince Phillip=Chace Crawford

12. The Prince=Penn Badgley

13. Prince Charming=Ian Harding

14. The Beast/Adam=Michael Fassbender

15. Honorable Mention: Odette=Blake Lively

Yes, I’m aware that The Swan Princess is not a disney movie, however Blake is just too perfect to not be on this list.

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