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The COLOR Of Your Eyes Can Detect Your Personality

We all have a color in our eyes, even if it's more then one. Science can prove that your eye's color tells something about you...

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Black Eyes:

-Mysterious -Magical (Loves Magic)-Hardworking-Practical-Trustworthy-Responsible-Doesn't take "no" for an answer-Secretive


-Magical (Loves Magic)





-Doesn't take "no" for an answer


Brown Eyes:

-Earthy-Creative-Independent -Trustworthy-Caring -Self-Confident-Loyal-Elegant-Adorable










Blue Eyes:

-Logical-Beautiful (Everyone is)-Vivacious-Can stand hours of discomfort -Peaceful-Smart-Kind-Tend to spend longer time in relationships-Observant-Straight-Forward


-Beautiful (Everyone is)


-Can stand hours of discomfort




-Tend to spend longer time in relationships



Green Eyes

-Gentle-Compassionate -Attractive-Inteligent -Curious -Intense







Grey Eyes:

-Charming-Mysterious -Thinks outside the box-Strong-Wise-Gentle-Leaders-Creative-Imaginative -Flexible



-Thinks outside the box








Hazel Eyes:

-Empathetic -Witty-Risk Takers-Unpredictable -Fun-loving-Spontaneous -Leader



-Risk Takers





Was This Right??

Not everyone has all these personality traits, but some people may only have a few while some people all of them!


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