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    Beyond Pesto: 23 Awesome Basil Recipes You'll Love

    This time of year, fresh basil is abundant. These 23 recipes will make the most of your herb harvest without resorting to pesto.

    Spicy Thai Basil Cucumber Cocktail

    Charity Beth / Via

    Cool cucumber, spicy peppers, lime and Thai basil make this cocktail a unique summer drink. Get the recipe here

    Sprouted Meyer Lemon Basil Hummus

    Stephanie / Via

    Here's a cool appetizer! Fresh basil and meyer lemon breathe new life into ordinary hummus. Get the recipe here

    Cherry Basil Sorbet

    Liren / Via

    This frozen sorbet is made with sweet cherries and a simple syrup infused with basil. What a perfect treat for a hot summer day! Get the recipe here

    Whole30 Strawberry Basil Chicken with Avocado

    Cheryl / Via

    This Whole 30 recipe takes chicken from boring to sweet with a strawberry basil avocado salsa. Get the recipe here

    Best Gluten Free Strawberry Crumble

    Jennifer / Via

    This yummy strawberry basil dessert is topped with a nutty gluten free crumble. Who wants a big helping with ice cream? Get the recipe here

    Grilled Lamb Kabob Platter with Basil Goat Cheese

    Jessica / Via

    Colorful bell pepper and lamb kabobs make a showstopping platter when they're served with a side of basil goat cheese dip. Get the recipe here

    Grilled Peaches and Burrata Salad

    Jessy / Via

    Cheesy and sweet? Score! Balsamic vinegar, peaches, burrata cheese and fresh basil make this salad sing. Get the recipe here

    Basil Lemon Collins

    Erin / Via

    Tea, ginger, and basil jazz up this Tom Collins cocktail. So refreshing! Get the recipe here

    Margherita Pizza Soup

    Charity Beth / Via

    This fun soup has the flavors of margherita pizza, right down to the fresh basil and melty mozzarella cheese, but it’s deconstructed for a creative twist. Get the recipe here

    Blueberry Basil Smoothie

    Maresa / Via

    This smoothie is packed with blueberry, banana and fresh basil for a fresh and healthy summer breakfast. Get the recipe here

    Strawberry Basil Cupcakes

    Tatyana / Via

    Love scratch baking? Strawberry flavored cake and basil buttercream make such pretty cupcakes! Get the recipe here

    Blueberry Basil Moscow Mule

    Molly / Via

    Blueberries and basil make for a refreshing twist on the Moscow mule. Cheers! Get the recipe here

    Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes, Snow Peas and Spring Onions

    Alison / Via

    This no mayo pasta salad features fresh summer veggies topped with mint and basil. Get the recipe here

    Peach Basil Hand Pies

    Neha / Via

    Peaches and Basil make these cute hand pies an extra special dessert. Small enough to have one in each hand! Get the recipe here

    Sausage Tomato Basil Paleo Pizza

    Michele / Via

    Sausage and red onion top this pizza with paleo crust. And of course it has a healthy helping of fresh basil leaves. Get the recipe here

    Melon Halloumi Salad

    Gaby / Via

    Pretty pastels! Melon and halloumi are dressed in a a mint basil vinaigrette for a fresh summery salad. Get the recipe here

    Vegan Thai Green Curry

    Charity Beth / Via

    Finally, a vegan Thai green curry from scratch that takes only an hour to make! Plus it's loaded with fresh Thai basil. Get the recipe here

    Creamy Sundried Tomato Chicken

    Krista / Via

    This creamy, savory chicken skillet topped with basil takes only 30 minutes! Winner, winner chicken dinner! Get the recipe here

    Savory Basil Cornmeal Cakes

    Sarah Jane / Via

    These savory cornmeal cakes are topped in wild blueberry jam. Plus they're gluten free! Get the recipe here

    Corn Salad with Basil and Queso Fresco

    Charity Beth / Via

    In just 20 minutes you can put together this healthy corn salad. It features seasonal ingredients and a simple lemon dressing. Get the recipe here

    Vegan Pomegranate and Basil Bruschetta

    Sarah / Via

    Here's a new take on bruschetta! Pomegranate arils and basil get the star treatment in the vegan appetizer. Get the recipe here

    Tuscan Tomato and Egg Skillet

    Katherine / Via

    Inspired by a Tuscan staple, this easy breakfast is loaded with crispy potatoes, sofrito and poached eggs that are topped with fresh basil. Get the recipe here

    Blackberry and Basil Shaved Ice

    Kayla / Via

    Blackberries and basil over shaved ice is the adult version of snow cones...but super chic! Get the recipe here

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