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Signs You Need A Break From Being A Millennial

Just respond "can't go" to that millionth '90s-themed party you've just been invited to and take a break with a KitKat™ bar.

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2. Your Insta pics are basically creatively directed.

And captions go through more revisions than your résumé.

11. You post Snaps on Insta. You tweet status updates. You 'gram your six-second loops.

Social media inbreeding is unavoidable.

13. You're realizing that romance is kind of not what you thought it would be as a kid.

Reached peak single today after seeing a hot guy with a blackberry and deciding I could live with it

Screw those amazing animated fairy tales for giving us unrealistic expectations about meet-cutes. And hair.

Until you get a break from being a buzzword, take a break with a KitKat™ bar.

And take this survey — it's almost like taking a quiz!