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    • Kitana

      I have a friend like this. I am 22 years old and since my friend chose to have a baby, she expects the rest of the group to hangout at her house every weekend because she can’t find a sitter. When we decide to have a night out one weekend and she can’t go she throws shade our way by saying motherhood is so great and that is a shame that all we think about is partying and the night life. Well excuse me for being 22 years and not wanting to have a child until I am done with college, older, and established. I like to have a little fun now before I do have greater priorities.

    • Kitana

      It is called being young and not letting your life stop because your friend had a child. Of course things are different now that they have children because they are on a different page now. You expected them to go around your schedule while they were still childless because you chose to have a kid at that time? You sound like the selfish one. I wonder if you were trying to schedule your life around people who had kids when you were childless and free?

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