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21 Struggles All Southerners With Northern Parents Will Recognise

Sithee our kid, you don't 'alf talk funny.

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1. You have a Family Voice, where you don't pronounce the "r" in "bath", "glass" and "class" – and an Everyday Voice, in which you do.


2. Although sometimes you forget, and use your Everyday Voice for family.

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3. Which is when you sit down and take your mocking like a grown-up.

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Shut up, I forgot which me I was being!

4. You appreciate understated gruff affection, but sometimes your puny southern body craves a bear-hug.

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5. Whether you're serving Earl Grey or Yorkshire Gold, you know how to make the proper brew for the right person.

Because we all need our tea.

Because we all need our tea.

6. Treats you genuinely think are delicious disgust and amuse your southern friends.

Did someone say "Chip Butty"?

7. Words you think are normal apparently mean something different in the south.

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Important tip: Down south "Kinky" has nothing to do with your hair.

8. Although you basically sound southern, the odd northern phrase has crept into your vocabulary, and you use it all the time.

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Mine's "You're alreet", if someone apologises for something.

9. As a result, someone from your home town has at some point asked your where your accent is from.

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"DON'T TRY AND PUT ME IN A BOX... I'm from down the road."

10. You know that while the south might have better weather, the north really has the looks.

Oh hai Yorkshire, you gorgeous thing you.
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Oh hai Yorkshire, you gorgeous thing you.

11. But it's cold up north. Lordy, how it is cold, and no matter how many times you go and visit the pathetic southerner in you can't help but point it out to everyone.

Sry but it iz tho.

12. Sometimes your friends treat you as a magical font of northern knowledge.

13. But then you are an expert on where the north-south divide lies.

Clue: it's not Watford.

Clue: it's not Watford.

14. And you do know how to use the "t't" contraction correctly.

Hint: If you're southern, you're probably doing it wrong.

Hint: If you're southern, you're probably doing it wrong.

15. You get the northern humour that bemuses your southern brethren.


Northern humour = best humour.

16. Most of your family members live so far away that you hardly get to see them, so when you do it's always a surprise how much everyone has changed.

17. Even though you know it's probably true, it still hurts when your family call you a "southern softie".



18. If you're a sports fan who supports your family team, people think you're a glory hunter.

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19. Sometimes you feel sad because it seems as though you don't really fit in one place or the other.

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20. And when people ask you where you're from, even though there is probably a simple answer, it's actually really tricky to know what to say.

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"I mean, I SUPPOSE I'm from the south, technically speaking..."

21. But at the end of the day, your north-south mix is what makes you so awesome.

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"Ain't no region the boss of me."