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I'm A Third Grade Teacher, Here Are Some Notes I Confiscated From Two Students

Two students in my class were passing notes; as I continually confiscated them, a paper-wasting saga unfolded. I learned a lot about third grade romance, regret, and that I most certainly need to amp up their grammar and spelling skills.

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Apparently the girls are stealthier with their notes, because I didn't notice this "on-the-side" passing.

Translation: I saw what you wrote to Madelynn, you said you want to break up with me! Are you going to break up with me then?

This rollercoaster of emotions comes to an end with the end of the school day... I'm still #teamRyan

Translation: You pick Bradon but you can't take words back. Everything you said to Bradon you can't take but you and Bradon are doing that so my life is ruined.

Don't worry, I changed the seating chart- Ryan will be onto the next one by Tuesday!

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