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What Being Broke Looks Like On TV Vs. Real Life

I don't know where these TV apartments are coming from. I'm living in a closet.

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Renting an apartment in the city in real life.

All I really needed was a bed anyway, right?

Eating in real life.

What? This is all I had.


Your hair in real life.

You missed a little spot.

Having your power shut off in real life.

OK, I guess I should have invested in a flashlight.


Dressing in real life.

~Walmart swag~

Cars in real life.

It's a great car. If you're not going above 40mph. Or further than 10 miles.


Graduating from college in real life.

*starts counting down the days until my grace period is over*

Thanksgiving in real life.

We can get like 12 pancakes for six bucks at IHOP!!


Vacation in real life.

Maybe if I stare at my computer long enough I'll be there.

"Splurging" in real life.

It's gonna be a good night.


Struggling artists in real life.

This fridge is a metaphor for my life.

Sustainable jobs* in real life.

What is this "spare time" thing you speak of?