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Wendy Williams' Son Walked In On Her With Her Husband And She Didn't Really Care

Welp, that's one form of sex ed.

Wendy Williams has a tendency to say exactly what she's thinking. So when she sat down with Conan, there seemed to be no such thing as too much information:

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Wendy kicked things off by talking about her parenting choice to enforce an "open door" policy in her house.

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Which, for a 14-year-old boy is kinda problematic.

Wendy said that it doesn't just go for her son, either. She and her husband also leave their door open, relying on other people to make their presence known by loudly stomping their feet and clearing their throat (lol idk).

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Buttttttt, Wendy's son forgot to fee-fi-fo-fum around one night at 2:00 a.m., and it got him into an — er — awkward situation.

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Yeah. That's not something ya wanna see your parents doing.

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But was Wendy fazed? Not even a little bit...

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...though you couldn't really say the same for her son. :/

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One thing is for sure...if I ever visit Wendy's house I'm wearing some goddamn platform heels around.

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