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    Oct 20, 2014

    17 Weird Smells You Secretly Love

    Mmmmmm gasoline.

    1. Chlorine.

    Damn the YMCA is smellin' freshhhhh today.

    2. Gasoline.

    Paramount Pictures

    No, no. Stay in the car. I'll pump your gas.

    3. New tennis balls.

    So fresh n' so clean, clean.

    4. Fire.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    The fact that my hair absorbs the smell of a bonfire is a BLESSING.

    5. Cleaning supplies.

    The whole house smells like bleach and I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

    6. Leather seats.

    Paramount Pictures

    Your. Car. Smells. Magical.

    7. Cardboard boxes.

    Package from grandma?! Smells like love!

    8. Stinky cheese.

    Nothing like the smell of fresh-cut Camembert. Who's with me?!

    9. The dentist's office.

    Specifically, their rubber gloves when they're all up in your business.

    10. Sharpies.

    I mean, I know it's bad to smell markers... but just one whiff.

    11. Freshly-cut grass.

    It smells like summer, nostalgia, and the music video for "Stacy's Mom."

    12. Rubber tires.

    Wait... before you put on my new tires, can I smell them first?

    13. Erasers.

    Mistakes never smelled so good.

    14. Wet cement.

    AFP / Getty Images MARK RALSTON

    How good does that smell right now, Cher?

    15. Dry erase markers.

    *Walks up to whiteboard in class* *Inhales deeply*

    16. New sneakers.

    These smell so good I never want to put my feet in them.

    17. Old books.

    HanWay Films / Via

    The library is my Yankee Candle.

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