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    Nov 4, 2014

    14 Wedding Videos That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

    Grab some tissues.

    1. Victoria and Jason

    The best bit: Essentially the whole video. But especially 2:30 when Jason's mother gives a speech in memory of his grandmother.

    2. Ryan and Amanda

    The best bit: At 2:18 when he surprises her with not only a proposal, but everyone she loves and a wedding based on her Pinterest board.

    3. Jonathan and Dwayne

    The best bit: The beginning when Dwayne tells the story of how he proposed to Jonathan. Then at 3:15 when the two see each other for the first time on their wedding day and you can't help but cry with them.

    4. Kelly and Dustin

    The best bit: 4:14 when Dustin starts tearing up when he sees Kelly.

    5. Nicolas and James

    The best bit: 00:52 when they surprise their engagement party guests with A WEDDING.

    6. Aaron and Judith

    The best bit: 2:04 when Judith realizes her guy isn't afraid to get down if it makes her smile.

    7. Melissa and Lauren

    The best bit: When these two beautiful brides start reading their vows at 1:08 and you marvel at how good they are together.

    8. Otis and Nitasha

    The best bit: At 2:35 when Otis kisses Nitasha like he's the luckiest guy in the world.

    9. Mikey and Kelsey

    The best bit: At 8:08 and on when they walk through nature together looking perfect.

    10. Ian and Corbett

    The best bit: At 5:49 when he sees her and your heart feels like a ball of love and puppies.

    11. Stefan and Owen

    The best bit: At 1:13 when these handsome grooms see each other for the first time on their wedding day and your heart melts.

    12. Leslie and Nicolette

    The best bit: When he sees his beautiful bride at 3:03 and breaks down, shedding some happy tears.

    13. Andreia and Veronica

    The best bit: When they tell the adorable story of how they met at 1:12 and still act like two kids in love.

    14. Casey and Brandon

    The best bit: At 2:02 when he can barely contain his excitement to kiss his new wife.

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