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We Need To Recognize How Hot Ellie Goulding And Dougie Poynter Are


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So if you didn't already know, Ellie Goulding is pretty perfect.

And her boyfriend, Dougie Poynter, isn't bad either.

OK. He's pretty much the opposite of bad.

And together they make the most beautiful couple in the history of ever.

This gym selfie will be the death of me.

They take the cutest selfies.

Casually the most stylish couple.

And look at each other like THIS.

*deletes Tinder*

*throws phone at wall*

When they go out on the town, they're complete show-stoppers.

Teach us your ways.


All black err-thang.

Oh yeah, and they're both musicians. So they serenade each other on the reg.


They cook together.

I didn't know it was possible to rock a hat with an apron, but it is.

And their outfits are always so on point.

~Too cool for school.~

They aren't afraid to get silly.

They even got matching tattoos.

And you can just SEE the love.

We are truly #blessed that these two beauts found each other.

Bow down to the coolest, hippest couple around.

We are truly not worthy.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
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