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31 Totally Normal Reasons You're Not Dating Anyone Right Now

Because apparently we need a reason?

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1. You're focusing on your career.

2. You're focusing on school.

3. You need to figure out who you are before you date anyone.

4. You're way too busy right now.

5. You're too young to be in a serious relationship.

6. Dating is exhausting.

7. Small talk is exhausting.

8. You don't have money to spend on dates.

9. You just got a new job.

10. You only have a single bed.

11. You haven't found someone who's smart enough.

12. You haven't found someone who's funny enough.

13. You haven't found someone who gets your sense of humor.

14. You haven't found someone who likes the same movies you do.

15. You enjoy your alone time too much.

16. Your last relationship was really shitty.

17. You're not over your last relationship.

18. Online dating still scares you.

19. Dating a co-worker is a bad idea.

20. Blind dates are too awkward.

21. You hate everyone you meet at bars.

22. You're busy training your new dog.

23. You can't date anyone who doesn't like dogs.

24. Your cat doesn't like most people you date.

25. You'd rather hang out with your friends.

26. A new season of Orange Is The Black is coming out soon, so you'll be busy.

27. You just saw Gone Girl.

28. People your age are too immature for you.

29. People older than you are at a different stage in their life.

30. Dating is hard.

31. Because being single is not only fine, but you're HAPPY.