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47 Brides Who Prove What Perfect Really Means

It's your day, rock it your way.

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1. Everyone grows up with the image of a "perfect bride."

4. Perfect looks different to everyone.

5. Maybe you wanna rock some overalls on your wedding day.

6. Or perhaps you want to wear the most glamorous gown there ever was.

7. Maybe you take your cues from Audrey Hepburn.

8. Or march to your own beat.

9. What if you want to show off your gorgeous pink hair?

10. Or let your dress do all the talking.

11. Maybe you opt for a traditional veil for that "wow" moment.

12. Or a flower crown is all you need.

13. Maybe the only train you need on your big day is the subway.

14. And sometimes a kiss makes the best accessory.

15. Your wedding day is all about being authentically you.

16. So if you want to have a showstopper of an outfit, go on ahead.

17. And maybe you have an extra guest at your ceremony. :)

18. Looking perfect on your wedding day means looking happy.

19. And the best way to be happy is to love whoever you want.

22. You just want to shine as bright as the sun — or sunflowers.

23. Maybe "perfect" means finding someone who makes you laugh.

24. Or who makes you smile like you've never smiled before.

25. You might want to don a black dress because you know it's just as lovely as a white one.

26. (Even though white dresses are pretty awesome too.)

27. Listen up. If you love your glasses, leave them on.

28. Or sunglasses work, too.

29. Your wedding day might be more colorful than a Monet painting.

30. Or a chic black and white affair.

31. Whatever you're wearing, you'll be a vision.

32. And you won't be able to help smiling from ear to ear.

33. Maybe you'll look like a badass ballerina.

34. Or super chic and put together — check out those fab pumps!

35. Perhaps perfection is all in the details.

36. On your wedding day, you should glow.

37. And never stop having fun.

39. And if you want to have that Harry Potter wedding, you should go for it.

40. Weddings are about your love in the present, and your trust in the future.

41. It's about making a leap of faith with your best friend.

42. And finding someone that makes you feel

43. There's no such thing as THE perfect bride.

44. Because whatever makes you happy...

45. ...whatever fills your heart with love...

46. ...whatever makes the day special...

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