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    16 Times Men Wearing Headbands Made Us Wish We Were An Inanimate Object

    Your hair looks sexy pushed back.

    1. Sergio Ramos

    Jasper Juinen / Getty Images

    Here, Ramos' headband keeps his hair out of his face while letting the rest of his mane flow in the wind as he runs. This may cause several viewers to forget which team they are rooting for, why they are watching, or what their own name is.

    2. David Beckham

    Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

    One of the more well-known men in the headband world, Beckham rocks not only a headband, but also a middle part. He defies odds, giving further proof that a Beckham can, in fact, wear whatever they want and look good.

    3. Harry Styles


    Styles' headbands closely resemble a dirty oil rag. Though Styles probably didn't steal these pieces of fabric from auto shops, the resemblance causes some suspicion.

    4. Keith Richards

    Neville Hopwood / Getty Images

    As the source of inspiration for Harry Styles' oil-rag-headband look, Richards was a pioneer for men who wanted to wear headbands but felt like they couldn't.

    5. Zac Efron

    6. Christian Fuchs

    Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

    Look at the masterful way Fuchs has pulled ALL of his hair back with his headband. His clean style gives fifth-grade girls at soccer camp a run for their money.

    7. Mikael Lustig

    Jonathan Nackstrant / Getty Images

    Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of Lustig's headband is NOT to keep his hair out of his face so he can perform well during games. Instead, it is used to ensure his beautiful, piercing eyes will never be concealed from the world.

    8. Mark Sanchez

    Jim Rogash / Getty Images

    Sanchez's headband lives in a bed of deep-conditioned curls. This allows him to effectively give looks like this that say, "Hey there, I hope you don't mind if I stretch in front of you." And you will not mind.

    9. Fernando Torres

    Adrian Dennis / Getty Images

    Here, Torres employs his headband for some heavy-duty action. The soccer player is covered in mud, sweat, and grass, and if the headband had a brain it would have just lost its train of thought.

    10. Neymar

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    Though Neymar kind of looks like a small child put on his headband, he manages to pull it off in a way that says, "I woke up like this."

    11. Ashton Irwin

    Channel Rich Polk / Getty Images

    Irwin's pants (leggings?) attempt to steal the show in this picture. However, his headband and the way he spins his drumsticks ensure that several preteen girls in the audience will pass out.

    12. Roger Federer

    Don Emmert / Getty Images

    Federer's headbands have made appearances since the early days of his career. Rumored to have voodoo magic, Federer's headbands may be the secret to his success.

    13. Rafael Nadal

    Fred Dufour / Getty Images

    Nadal's headband is working overtime as it catches his excessive sweat while also keeping his his hair away from his face. This allows him to make pensive faces and look toward the sky as he thinks about the meaning of life.

    14. Andre Agassi

    Antonia Hille / Getty Images

    Agassi goes for the bold look and uses his headband to secure his mullet. Business in the front and party in the back has never looked so right.

    15. Dougie Poynter

    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    Poynter has fashioned what appears to be his grandmother's silk scarf on his head. Though the style is slightly odd, the way the headband shapes his surfer curls is still extremely attractive.

    16. Sergio Romero

    Marco Luzzani / Getty Images

    Romero doesn't play around when it comes to headbands. The headband he sports appears to have a built-in comb, preventing any pesky knots from forming.

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