This Song "BitchSlut" Perfectly Breaks Down The Pressure Women Feel

    "Cause I wore a skirt you think I'm down to ride?"

    Grammy winner Anna Wise just released a new single, "BitchSlut," and it gets so real about the pressures and contradictions women face every day.

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    Wise told BuzzFeed the song was inspired by her and her friends' experiences: "Men try to trap us in this 'damned if you do, damned if you don’t' labyrinth of judgment. The message of BitchSlut is very clear — it's a declaration of freedom."

    And for any woman who has ever had a nasty name hurled at them, or been catcalled from a car window, "BitchSlut" is all too familiar.

    Wise said after producing the song she could "feel it was special," and we couldn't agree more.

    So cheers to Anna Wise for getting real and spreading the #gospel.

    Because who cares what people say... keep killing it, queens.