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This Little Boy And His Pug Are The Cutest BFFs On The Planet

Little Man's best friend.

Meet the adorable pug, Mr. Kimchi, and the little boy who's his best friend in the world.

They love each other a whole lot.

They're best pals.

And they go on tons of cool adventures.

When they're not adventuring, they're chillin' in their jammies.

They go for walks around town all the time.

The little guy is even a good sport about picking up after Mr. Kimchi.

Mr. Kimchi might be the best gift ever.

They love building forts to play in.

And they're really good at staring contests.

When they nap, they nap together.

They're total pros at taking selfies.

One things for sure – whatever they're doing, they are pretty dang cute while doing it.

To follow more of their adventures check them out on Instagram!