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45 Valid Reasons I've Swiped Left On Tinder

Their bio says, "Actually 17."

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1. They have a shirtless mirror pic.

2. They are laying in bed with their shirt off.

3. They don't include their face in the picture/only show their abs.

4. They are holding a gun.

5. They are holding a dead animal.

6. They are holding a dead animal and a gun.

7. They are winking in their picture.

8. They took all their pictures in the bathroom mirror of their home.

9. They took all their pictures in the bathroom mirror of a public restroom.

10. They have a picture with the Hooters girls.

11. They only have pictures of cars.

12. They only have pictures of memes.

13. Their hobbies include: chilling, drinking, hanging with friends.

14. They only have pictures at clubs.

15. The only interest they have listed is "craft beer."

16. They only use professional head shots.

17. They have a picture with a tiger.

18. They only use pictures of them lifting at the gym.

19. They are not-so-seductively looking at the camera and pulling down their boxers.

20. They have a quote from Anchorman as their bio.

21. They have a collage of pictures only including themselves.

22. They have, "Looking for my tinderella" as their bio.

23. They have "In (insert location) for the weekend. Hit me up."

24. They are clearly just trying to promote their Instagram.

25. They have, "Work hard, play harder," as their bio.

26. They apparently have never owned or worn a shirt.

27. They are holding a wad of cash in their picture.

28. They are standing next to a nice car that they probably don't own in their picture.

29. They remind you in their bio that, "You only live once."

30. They are wearing a shirt with a douchey phrase on it.

31. They write in their bio, "If anyone asks we met at Starbucks."

32. They write in their bio, "If anyone asks we met at Trader Joe's."

33. They are blowing out a cloud of smoke in their picture.

34. They have not-so-subtle pictures with celebrities as humble brags.

35. Their bio is, "Actor. Model. Dreamer."

36. They have a non-ironic misattributed quote.

37. They are covered in tribal tattoos.

38. They literally blur out/black out the other girls in their pictures.

39. They have a selfie they clearly took while driving.

40. They only have group pictures so you have no clue who they are.

41. They have four different pictures that they look completely different in.

42. They don't have a picture without sunglasses on.

43. They only have pictures from Coachella.

44. They are clearly a club promotor.

45. Their bio says, "Actually 17."