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    What Dating Is Like In Movies Vs. Real Life

    Spoiler alert: Meet-cutes aren't always cute.

    1. On breaking up...

    Your old flame can't move on and writes you beautiful love letters every day for a year:

    Your ex texts you once in a blue moon when they're horny:

    2. On your first date...

    Your date plans an intensely elaborate night that fulfills your bucket list:

    You're lucky if your date puts on real pants before hanging out with you:

    3. On having a meet-cute...

    You almost get hit by a moving vehicle but the person of your dreams saves you:

    You actually get hit and you don't meet anyone:

    4. On rebounds...

    Your rebound ends up being the person you were meant to be with all along:

    You wake up and regret everything:

    5. On dating your friends...

    You start hooking up with your friend and realize you were meant to be together:

    You drunkenly hook up once and promise to never speak of it again:

    6. On recovering from a breakup...

    You manage to stay flawless and classy through the entire breakup:

    You completely lose your shit:

    7. On stopping the one you love from being with someone else:

    You stop their wedding just in the knick of time:

    You watch their love develop on Facebook and silently die inside but never say anything:

    8. On having bad luck in love..

    Your bad luck is super endearing which makes someone fall in love with you:

    Your bad luck is just... bad luck.

    But, that's OK. Because real life is way more interesting than the movies, anyway.