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    24 Reasons To Be Proud You're From Boston

    "You will run again. Because that is what the people of Boston are made of."

    1. Boston is a a beautiful city.

    2. Who cares if it has some seriously gloomy weather?

    3. Nothing can stop New Englanders.

    4. It is a city rich with history and culture.

    5. And wonderful people.

    6. If you're from Boston, chances are you wear your pride on your sleeve.

    7. ... Even if you're not a human.

    8. Who cares if you can't take that pride off? You don't need to.

    9. If you're a sports fan, you know the ups and downs that comes with loving a team.

    10. And everywhere you look in the city, you see the support.

    11. Even on your morning coffee.

    12. It is a city filled with athletes.

    13. And students.

    14. And artists.

    15. And explorers.

    16. And overall, lovely humans.

    17. What makes this city so great?

    18. It is the hard working people.

    19. The people who dedicate their lives to the city.

    20. The strangers who become friends.

    21. The people who celebrate when times are good.

    22. And have your back when times are bad.

    23. It is a city of resilience.

    24. And it is a city of pride.

    There are so many reasons to love this city – so let's not forget any of them.

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