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Jennifer Garner Read "Go The Fuck To Sleep" And It's Everything

"Hell no you can't go to the bathroom. You know where you can go? The fuck to sleep."

In this video by Vanity Fair, Jennifer Garner reads Adam Mansbach's Go The Fuck to Sleep, which puts a twist on the classic bedtime story.

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The kids are all cozied up in bed. "What time is it, they ask?" Time to go the fuck to sleep.

And when your little angel wants to read a little bit longer, how about instead they just close their little cherub eyes, shut up, and sleep.

And when they give you excuses like "I'm thirsty" or...

..."I have to go to the bathroom," just tell your little prince or princess it's time to go the fuck to sleep.

Because goddammit, it's been 38 minutes...

...and mom/dad really needs to go the fuck to sleep, too.