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This Couple's Un-Wedding Will Make You Want To Get Hitched

Warning: This post includes excessive amounts of cool.

Australian couple Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fogere (co-creators of Sticks and Stones Agency), decided to jet to Vegas for the coolest nontraditional wedding you've ever seen.

And honestly, after looking at these photos you might want to do the same.

"I guess we just thought that would be funny," Ainsley told BuzzFeed. "Most of what we do is inspired by the thought that it would be funny."

"When we got there we just made it all up as we went along," Ainsley said.

And it looks like they had a pretty amazing time.

"We met six years ago at an organic cafe and it was love at first sight," Ainsley said.

They were married by none other than the King himself.

And the pair really make a stunning couple.

Seriously, they're adorable.

They played in the street.

And were a sight for sore eyes.

They hit up a tattoo parlor.

Sebastien got a real tattoo to commemorate the visit.

And Ainsley did too!

They danced in the moonlight.

And explored Vegas.

Congrats to this incredibly cute couple.

We want to be you.

Seriously. We do.

Ainsley's tattoo is actually the real deal! An earlier version of this post said it was temporary — sorry about that.