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21 Things That Happen While Living In A College Dorm

There will be that one asshole who never flushes.

1. Someone will sleep in your bed without your permission.

2. There will be one floor that inexplicably always smells like shit.

3. Someone will leave you a present in the shower.

4. You will definitely hear someone* throwing up in the communal bathroom.

5. There will be one room (maybe yours) that always smells like weed.

6. Someone (hopefully not you) will find a mouse in their room.

7. The kitchen will become a graveyard for stolen plates from the cafeteria.

8. You will learn to make the most of the very little space you have.

9. You will realize your desk is for show and it's impossible to actually study in your room.

10. There will be one person who leaves passive-aggressive (or just aggressive) notes everywhere.

11. Someone will steal your food out of the fridge.

12. There will be one person who needs to leave the water running while they use the bathroom.

13. Your laundry will get taken out of the machine and your underwear will be put on display for everyone to see.

14. There will be one room that leaves their door open and blasts music long after welcome week.

15. There will be that asshole who never flushes.

16. You'll probably get written up by an RA (and that's OK).

17. You'll have a fire drill at the most inopportune time.

18. The recycling will pile up.

19. You will run into someone sleeping in an unconventional place.

20. You will probably get sexiled and end up in the common room or sharing a twin-size bed with your best friend.

21. And you will order (but probably not regret) pizza at 2 a.m.

One thing is for sure: Once you enter those dorms, you won't go out the way you came in.


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