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23 Things All Introverts Are Guilty Of Doing

You tell someone you just saw their text even though you saw it hours ago.

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1. You won't order food unless the restaurant has an online ordering option.

2. You make plans without any intention of keeping them.

3. You tell someone you're sick just because you don't want to leave your house.

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4. You go to a party knowing full well you will only stay for an hour.

5. You watch your phone ring until it goes to voicemail because god forbid you have to talk on the phone.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

6. You tell someone you just saw their text even though you saw it hours ago.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

7. When you actually do go to parties, you spend most of the time on your phone, hiding in the bathroom, or playing with the host's pet.

8. You feel a rush of anxiety when you see you have several social outings on your calendar this month.

9. After spending the day with someone, you lie on the couch for hours trying to recover from your social exhaustion.

10. When your internet is down, you would rather stay inside forever than calling someone to fix it or going out in public to use free Wi-Fi.

11. Whenever you talk to a new person you aren't really listening to them, you're just planning your escape.


12. You've considered removing your birthday from Facebook because you dread people acknowledging it.

13. You get upset when people don't invite you places but never consider that it might be because you say "no" every time.

14. You join dating sites only to delete your account every time someone asks you out.

15. When you have a crush, you're not mean to them, you just literally don't acknowledge that they exist.

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16. In college, you were more upset about about living in a dorm constantly surrounded by people than you were about getting stuck with an 8 a.m. class.

17. You put your headphones in and pretend you're listening to music so people won't bother you while you eavesdrop on their conversation.


18. You've got your "elevator speech" down for those horrible moments when you're forced to talk to a stranger.

19. You close out all your apps obsessively because the thought of your phone dying while out is your greatest fear realized.

20. You always suggest going to the movies as an activity to do with friends because it pretty much means you get to sit in silence.

21. You put off dealing with something for weeks just because it requires you making a phone call.

22. You've gotten really good at nodding and smiling along with conversations even if you're dying inside.

23. And you know that you're perfectly capable of socializing with just don't want to. / Via

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