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21 Things Close Sisters Definitely Call Each Other About

"What was the name of that babysitter we used to have? It's driving me crazy."

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1. When you're stuck in traffic and just want someone to pass the time with.

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"So how was your –


Sorry, not you. I'm in the car."

2. Or when you hear an awesome song, and hold up the phone so she can hear it and identify it for you.


"I'm driving and I can't Google who this is. Find out for me please?"

3. When some asshole breaks your heart, and you need someone to tell you how much they suck, anyway.

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"I mean, he had a spoiler on his car. You're not missing out on anything."

4. Or when you want to talk to someone about anything BUT the ex that broke your heart.


"So anyways, I have this weird mole on my back."

5. When you have the worst day at work, and need someone to talk you down from quitting your job.

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6. When you come home to a dark house and need someone to stay on the phone with you while you turn on every light.

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"If I get taken I'm gonna yell out small details about my kidnapper and you have to come find me like Liam Neeson."

7. When you run into your ex and need someone to analyze every single word exchanged in the encounter.

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"He said, 'Good, how are you?' How fucking rude is that?"

8. When you can't remember the name of your Middle School teacher/lunch lady/friend, and you need someone to tell you so it doesn't drive you insane.

The WB

"Thank god you remember my childhood better than I do."

9. When you're shopping and need to know immediately if she got that picture you sent of that shirt – and if so, why didn't she respond yet?!


"Quick. Should I buy it or not?"

10. When you move to a new place, and need someone to talk to that you can be completely yourself with.


"I miss being weird with you."

11. When you see someone that looks like "that guy from that movie about that thing" and need someone that will know exactly what you're talking about.


"Yes I AM thinking of Ron Livingston! THANK YOU."

12. When you need to ask her to do recon for you and figure out what an ex is up to – because obviously it would be creepy if you did it.

"I can't look at his LinkedIn, he'll think I'm a stalker. Can you do it for me?"

13. When you have the worst blind date and need someone to spill the details to from the safety of the restaurant bathroom stall.

MTV / Via

"So he just referred to himself as a meninist and I'm trying to find the nearest exit."

14. When your parents are being total dicks and you need to vent to someone that COMPLETELY understands.

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"Did you see what mom just texted me in the group? So much shade."

15. When you do something stupid and need to tell someone that won't judge you for it.

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"So, it all started with tequila... "

16. When you realize you don't know what the hell your life/future holds and just need someone to tell you everything is going to be OK.


"I always thought when I was grown up that I would finally know what I wanted to be when I grew up."

17. When the craziest shit goes down on your favorite TV show and you need to recap the fictional events with someone.

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"Did you SEE the sexual tension between them though?"

18. When you don't have anything to say, but you're in an awkward social situation and need to pretend you're on an important call.

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"Hi. Yeah pretend to talk about something important, please."

19. When you see someone really hot and need to share it with someone.


"I swear to god I saw a hot goth version of Chris Pine on the train this morning."

20. When everything goes to shit and you need someone to make you laugh – just to remind you things will get better.

Fox / Via

"I just need to talk."

21. And most importantly: whenever – because the beauty of sisters is that you can call them when you have absolutely nothing, or absolutely everything to talk about.

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