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21 Things Close Sisters Definitely Call Each Other About

"What was the name of that babysitter we used to have? It's driving me crazy."

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6. When you come home to a dark house and need someone to stay on the phone with you while you turn on every light.

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"If I get taken I'm gonna yell out small details about my kidnapper and you have to come find me like Liam Neeson."

8. When you can't remember the name of your Middle School teacher/lunch lady/friend, and you need someone to tell you so it doesn't drive you insane.


13. When you have the worst blind date and need someone to spill the details to from the safety of the restaurant bathroom stall.

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"So he just referred to himself as a meninist and I'm trying to find the nearest exit."

16. When you realize you don't know what the hell your life/future holds and just need someone to tell you everything is going to be OK.


"I always thought when I was grown up that I would finally know what I wanted to be when I grew up."


18. When you don't have anything to say, but you're in an awkward social situation and need to pretend you're on an important call.