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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    These Parents Went Undercover To Find Out All The Bad Shit Their Kids Have Done

    Welp, these kids are going to have a nice chat when they get home.

    Every parent probably wishes they could hear what their kids are saying about them when they're not around. So, with the help of makeup artist Promise Phan, three parents were disguised as people who were interviewing their own kids.

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    This mom turned into a ~hip~ dude who looks like he enjoys craft beers and dive bars.

    This mom got some long red hair to hide her identity from her kids.

    And this dad... Well, this dad just really transformed into someone else.

    Mrs. Doubtfire 2.0

    Things started off with the kids ratting their parents out for cussing.

    These two admitted their mom doesn't have the best voice in the world.

    And these three admitted breaking their mother's necklace... well as breaking the fridge and covering it up by gluing it back together.

    Finally, after the kids had sufficiently dug holes for themselves, the parents revealed themselves.

    This is the face of pure terror.

    "What have I done?"

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